So I said something about my Cousin in my last post! Up until now, she’s still trying to get posted to Ibadan for her PPA! We were at the secretariat till about 10:30 this morning hoping to work it out because the guys over at the NYSC office refused to help! Meanwhile, I was supposed to be on the morning splash extra with RonniG & Jacobs dis morning. The appointment was supposed to be at 9:30am at the splash fm studios. Needless to say, I missed the appointment! Who keeps two of the most popular radio presenters in Ibadan waiting? Yeah thats right; me! But during my wait at the secretariat, I made some discoveries of alarming proportions! Civil servants in this state are lazy! And I’m not talking just ur “do small work and stop” laziness, I’m saying they do not want to do anything at all and they expect to get paid!!! All they look forward to is the end of the month when the get paid their salaries!

I mean! Just imagine! I had waited for almost two hours for one director in a particular ministry to come to her place of work! I got to her office at around 10 minutes to 8am! Can you believe that she didn’t show up until about 9:40am! Then she takes us to her office,asks us to sit & she goes back out saying she wants to eat!! Isn’t dat just disgusting? She went away for another hour, finally came back & said “uncle, e joo e ma binu o” literally meaning “uncle, pls don’t be annoyed” I was boiling inside but I did not want to show it so I just shook my head and stared blankly at her!

I don’t know but I’m beginning to think that even more than politicians, civil servants are a very big problem Nigeria has! We should find a way to sanitize this sector! A friend was kind enough to send me a link to an article and in it, I found that a research had been done and it was confirmed that civil servants, especially in Oyo State are the ones that help politicians smuggle money out of the government coffers into private accounts! So much for effective followership and dedicated civil service!

I am writing this in anger and I don’t know which is making me angrier; the fact that I missed my radio show or the fact that I wasted precious time waiting and doing nothing! I really don’t know!! God Save Nigeria!

P.S – I found out that in the 21st century,they still use typewriters (Yes! Typewriters) in the Oyo State Ministry of Education.


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