My Thoughts this morning!!!

So dis mornin at the Family Altar,we had an argument about the issue of Balaan and Balak! To dose who dnt know the story,I’ll do a quick summary. Balaam was a soothsayer & Balak was the king of the one of the cities in canaan at the time..Canaan is u remember was the promised land flowing with milk & honey dat God promised to give to the israelites as their inheritance.. So Balak sent to Balaam to come & help him curse the israelites cos he was afraid dat they’ll take over if they weren’t cursed!

Balaam den askd the messengers to chill overnyt dat he was going to ask God whether to go with them or not! God asked him not to go and he told the messengers who quickly packed their bags & went back to their city to inform their master.. The master wasn’t pleased so he sent another delegation to go & try and persuade the guy to come..the same scenario played out only dis time,God asked Balaam to go with them… Balaam then packed his bags and went but on the way to the place,an angel stood in front of his horse/ass/colt..whateva!he was angry as three times,he tried to get the horse/ass/colt to go forward & all three times,the horse/ass/colt refused.. He got angry & smote the horse/ass/colt.. The horse/ass/colt then spoke and “vexed for” Balaam whose eyes was then opend to see the angel standing in front of him with a flaming sword..he woulda been killed had the horse/ass/colt not stopped in its track.. To those that own/have a bible,the story is in Numbers chapters 22 & 23

So here are my thought; One, why was God angry that Balaam went with the emmissary after he had asked & God had expressly told him to go with them? Two, was balaam a prophet?tho the bible expressly states in Johua 13 verse 22 that Balaam was a soothsayer, but that God me thinking, Does it mean that God Spoke directly to soothsayers in those days? Was soothsaying a good thing at that time? Three, why did Balak want israel cursed so bad? Does it mean that curses had instant effects at that time? Four, what kind of person was Balaam?he actually made a profession out of cursing people!! Five, Was having Israel cursed the best line of action Balak could have taken??? Etc.. etc..

Pls guys, help me out here… Let me know what you think!! Your comments are highly welcome!!!


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